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My hi-fi room is very approx 3.3m x 2.5m, with the speakers about 1.3m apart, about 80cm or so away from the 3.3m wall (in the middle). I hope to move them to 1.8m apart with the purchase of some speaker stands, quite soon.

I would like to ask about the impact of the room, which I will now describe, and any other tips you may have to help improve the sound.

The room is carpeted, and has an armchair (ie the listening position), but also quite a lot of hard surfaces in the form of wooden furniture and lots of walls with not much on them (ie only one picture).

One side of the room (to the left of the listening position, closer to the speakers than the listening position) has a large glass sliding door that leads to the kitchen. This is normally open. To the right of the listening position, roughly in the middle of that "wall" is a very large opening leading to our main living room). That opening is perhaps about 2m in width (out of the total 2.5m available).

I attach a picture of the set up, the red small dots are the speakers and the blue dot is the listening position.

I feel my hifi has to remain in this room. Major shift arounds in this room aren't very possible due to the wooden furniture which is quite large. Here are some questions and comments.

* When I clap my hands in this room, I get the sense that is quite a lot of reverberation. I am a bit surprised about this as wouldn't some sound escape through the openings and not come back? It makes me feel I'm not meeting potential in terms of sound quality. Certainly, the other room shown in the attachment seems to be a bit more acoustically neutral - it does have a sofa bigger armchairs, books etc.

* I would like a warmer sound (perhaps linked to above). I have mainly Rotel equipment (known to be less warm?) in the form of a RA-03 amp, a T11 tuner that is normally on FM, and Dali Zensor 1 speakers. I also sometimes listen through my phone and a bluetooth receiver linked to the amp

I thought about buying some acoustic diffusers to put here and there, but my budget is pretty low, maybe £200/£300 and that is probably to include some speaker stands, so it feels like a risk. Currently the speakers are placed on a wooden unit (at what I feel is the correct height).

Do you have any tips? I am perhaps overthinking it at the moment, but I would like to improve the sound in the way I describe (ie a bit warmer).

Thank you, apologies for the length of the post, and if anyone has any interest in helping I'd be most grateful!


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You could experiment with curtains for room sides.

I use this for my window, ended up with 3 layers.

Amazon product

Regarding glass door, do what sounds best and stick to it.

A wall of 3 layed curtains is pretty much the same price as the required 3 acoustic panels.

I would advise 3 panels behind you, 4 on ceiling and 1 in front of the tv?

A reverberant room will make music sound thin and shrill with less focus.


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Considering you have carpet, you could put 3 panels centred behind you, 3 in front, centred or 1 centred horizontal and 1 behind each speaker and 1 each side at 1st reflection, all at listening hieght.


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Start by putting heavy curtains between the listening room and the reception area.
I dont have a door behind where I sit and it goes into the hallway and the stairs are opposite. the sound tends to amplify up the stairs but isolating curtains one side and ordinary fabric curtains the other make a world of difference.
Oh and when listening close the doors.


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Thanks! One of the doors is a glass sliding door, which may be better left open? I'll experiment anyway.

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