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Roof Lantern - Should I spec and opener or not?


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Fitting a 2.5m x 1.5m to a new flat roof extension. This is then faced with 3.6m bifolds.

I'm worried the room will get warm and was going to spec an opening section to let the heat escape out of the room.

However I also think this ruins the lines of the lantern, but more importantly the cost is ridiculous.

Approx £1400 for the lantern, but then another £300-£400 extra for a manual opening section or £900 extra for electric opener.

Anyone any experience, feedbacks or regret.

The Dreamer

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Your assessment is pretty spot on. It depends which way the room faces, as to whether it’ll get too warm or not. Ours is North facing, so not really an issue.

FWIW, I sometimes wish we had added an opener in our rooflights. With the bifolds open (around 9m in total), a lot of flying insects make their way into the kitchen/diner throughout a day, and some of these end up ‘trapped’ in the roof light area - they won’t fly down, as they can see the sky, so end up buzzing around inside the roof lights - until eventually, they expire. The next morning, there will be a handful of dead insects on the floor/kitchen worktop under the roof light area.

I’ve often thought that having an opening panel in the roof lights would allow the insects to escape. When I told friends of ours about this, they specified an opening panel in theirs - but haven’t seen them since lockdown to find out how effective it is!

We‘ve also had a few birds get trapped up there! Though with a bit of encouragement they have all found their way out again - though invariably there’ll be some bird poop to clear up!

We keep a kids fishing net in the office for encouraging birds out, and rescuing the larger insects (bumble bees, dragon flies etc.) - wasps we zap with an ‘executioner’!



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hah. I hadn’t considered birds and other wildlife!!


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Not quite the same thing, but I had a vaulted ceiling in a previous house. I had two Velux windows put in, and went for electric opening. More expensive obviously, but made life so much easier opening, without have faff about with a stick or something. They also had a sensor, so you could leave them open, but if it rained they would close automatically.


Problem I've seen with insects and other flying species is they can fly at warp speed through the smallest of openings in a window, but no matter how much they try, they fail to find their way back out again and just spend their time headbanging off the glass.

Guess if you could open the roof window enough, as in a slide over, it might make a difference.

Place I live in (late Victorian/Edwardian) has an opening window at the top of the landing that allows air flow through out the house and really does make a difference during the summer.

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