Ronnie Barker dies


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man that's really bad news :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
grew up with some of his best stuff

Open all hours
Two Ronnies

A genius that the world will probably never see the likes of again and will be very sorely missed


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He was my favourite prime time comedian

the icecream parlour sketch,
fork handles
cockney rhyming slang


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...and it's goodnight from him.

RIP Ronnie, you'll be missed.

My favorite RB work was a little known sitcom called Clarence, about a short sighted furniture removals man who moves to the countryside. Sweet, simple and funny.


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Ronnie : Large gin and tonic, please
Barman : Ice and a slice
Ronnie : If there's room in the glass, yes :clap:

RIP - a true genius


Very very sad news.. i just posted in the TV forum too... another one of the greats has gone... my personal fave.... to party with Richard now...

Ronnie Barker

Born: 25th September, 1929

Birthplace: Bedford

TV appearances include:

The Frost Report
Foreign Affairs (1966)
The Ronnie Barker Playhouse (1968)
Hark At Barker (1969-70)
The Two Ronnies (1971-87)
Six Dates With Barker (1971)
His Lordship Entertains (1972)
Seven Of One (1973)
Porridge (1974-77)
Open All Hours (1973; 1976-85)
Going Straight (1978)
The Magnificent Evans (1984)
Clarence (1988)

Ronnie Barker was born in Bedford, and after a brief sojourn as a Bank Clerk, he joined the Manchester Repertory Company as an Assistant Stage Manager. However, a career on stage beckoned. In 1956, he landed his first radio appearance and two years later, appeared in Frankie Vaughan's first film, Wonderful Things! He then went on to appear in The Navy Lark and The Seven Faces of Jim, starring Jimmy Gilbert.

He further made his mark in 1966 on The Frost Report as a sketch-writer and performer. It was on this show that he met his future comedy partner Ronnie Corbett.

According to legend, when Barker and co-host Corbett were presenting the BAFTAS, a technical hitch occurred. They covered so well that producers offered them their own show. In 1971, they signed contracts with the BBC to record a series of shows called The Two Ronnies.

As a performer Ronnie Barker made comedy look effortlessly funny, as meticulous as he was talented.

He was also a prolific writer. After several years, a team meeting with a mysterious contributor to their show called Gerald Wiley was arranged. Wiley allegedly wrote about 75 per cent of the material used. The team met Ronnie Barker. He had wanted to ensure material was chosen for its quality, not his star status.

As well as The Two Ronnies, Barker found success with Porridge and Open All Hours. With all this under his belt, Barker announced his retirement in 1986.

Eleven years later the duo returned for a special tribute to The Two Ronnies in 1999. Ronnie Barker returned to our screens in 2002 in The Gathering Storm playing Churchill's butler.

In 2004, he was honoured by BAFTA in Ronnie Barker: A BAFTA Tribute.

Presented by his old friend and Two Ronnies co-star Ronnie Corbett, this was a great tribute to a man who was Britain's favourite television comedy actor throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Many other comedy greats, including John Cleese, Michael Palin, David Jason, Ben Elton and Patricia Routledge pay tribute to him, along with modern comics such as Peter Kay, Rob Brydon and Johnny Vegas. Although this programme features clips from his many comedy incarnations, the true revelation of this show for the viewer was the true extent of the popularity of Barker as a person and the number of his colleagues over the years who have a genuine affection for him. David Jason, in particular, is clearly emotional during much of the proceedings. Barker appears in person towards the end and gives a short and modest speech of thanks.

God bless Ronnie, a true loss to us all :(



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Ive grown watching the end of the Two Ronnies Tv show and the repeats of Open all hours and Porridge, and also Clarence. This man wasnt just a comedian, he was comic actor, the likes of which we will probably never see again. This man was absolute genius in my eyes. And his work shall live on for future generations to live on with TV and the various shows he's done on dvd.

Ronnie Barker
Man of many faces, genius with the english language and the funniest man i have probably ever seen.

R.I.P Gov'ner and long may you pester the 'Arkwright' in the sky for 'fork handles'.


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All the above... Anyone of a certain age like myself grew up watching The Two Ronnies, Porridge, Open All Hours will really miss this great man. He brought joy and laughter to our household on many many occasions.

RIP Ronnie.

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Ronnie Barker a man of pure comedic genius, I will remember him with fondness and respect, sad news :(
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Totally gutted :( Im 25 years old now but still remember as i very small child being brought up watching his stuff. Probably never laughed so much at anything else. My only regret was not being old enough to see clarence as my parents are always on about how good it was. i loved the two ronnies sketch where ronnie barker as usual was the waiter and if i remember right the whole menu was food made from rooks. How i laughed.


A sad day, just heard the news on the car radio on my way out this morning. I'm luck enough to have seen most of his material and on a Sunday afternoon lisened to him as multiple voices in The Navy Lark.

Only earlier on this year I was raving how great The Two Ronnies were and put to shame the stuff they do today.

Please look here at my obit to the great man.

There will be a tribute to him on the BBC at 10.35 tonight


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Rest In Peace. :(

My favorite.... The worm that turned (the mini series that ran during the Two Ronnies).

And of course every episode of Porridge


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A true comic genius. Many people don't realise how much writing he did as well for comedy shows besides his own. Just for porridge alone he should go down as master of the British sitcom.

He will be sadly missed.


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rest in peace ronnie old boy,you will always be remembered with great love and affection.may your god be watching over you.


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A tragic loss. The tribute program on BBC1 last night was very moving.

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