Rollup 2 - Lose channels!


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I installed MCE2005 Rollup 2 and now I have lost a few channels, such as Channel 5 & ABC.

Tried a re-scan and still no joy.

I now get a few radio channels, but not Radio 1, 2 or many others.

Even stranger still, the radio channel numbers are 800 onwards, not 700 as I thought they should be.

Very confused and a little disappointed, think I'll go back to Rollup 1.


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It looks like you may me missing a mux. I'd wait for a few hours, try a rescan again and see what happens.

Also, are you performing a "Scan for more services" or a "Set up TV Signal" ? With so many things changing at the same time ( adding radio, the freeview channel line up moving all over the guide, new channels being added etc) it might be better to run the "Set up TV Signal" routine right from scratch and set everything up again.

Finally the radio channels do start from 800 not 700.



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Cheers for the tips.

I was trying the "Set up TV signal" option with no success.

As for missing the mux - think you're right, Digital Spy forums are full of people losing Ch5 and its associated channels. However, having gone back to Rollup 1, all the channels have re-appeared.

Maybe I'll try again some time soon, can't really see much point other than the radio channels.

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