Rolling lines on SP4805


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I have an infocus sp4805 with the latest firmware. i have recently noticed very faint lines rolling down the screen, a very very pale grey color all evenly spaced. All most like the pj is picking up interference for either the power source or its being introduced into the signal cable ?!! is there anything i can do to counteract this ? i was maybe thinking of adding ferrite beads round my component video cables ?! will this help ?! is it possible for the pj to pick up interference from the power source ?!
many thanks for any advice


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I sometimes get this and the only way to get rid is to turn off my DVD palyer then switch it back on and hey presto they are gone, don't know why it happens, funnily though it doesn't happen when I watch SKY?


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Is the PJ or DVD connected to anything else.

DVD 2nd output to TV or audio to amp ?

May well be interference. When the fault is present try removing any possible causes.

Is the PJ always powered from the same socket ? There is probably a cause but if your really unlucky you may have an intermittent electrical fault.

Do the lines occur with no signal input, different signals input. Could be dodgy component lead ?


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yeah good point its connected to my amp and a seond source (my tv tuner) i'll try un plugging it and see what happens. cheers for the suggestion ! :smashin:

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