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Hi, what are the advantages of going for the 2000 model ? I've tried reading the specs, but I can't seem to find enough points to justify the difference in price with the M1001, apart from the size of the display.....

Is there anything the Squeezebox can do that the M1001 can't ? Is there a real SONIC difference between the three models ?

Would an external DAC (i.e MF X24K or DacMagic) make a big difference ?


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No real advantages beyond the bigger screen as your aware, I think there even thinking about discontinuing the M2000 if they haven't already done so. I've got the M1001 and if your into wirelessly using this device and your after WPA security then it won't currently do it. Only WEP or no security at the mo, this is soon to be addressed via a firmware upgrade. Personally I don't have any security on my wireless network because of this but will switch to WPA once the upgrade is available.

No experience with the Squeezebox products but the Squeezebox3 from what I've read may support WPA if wireless security is what your after.

The sound from the M1001 using QED analogue cables is brilliant hooked up to my Yamaha A/V receiver. It has digital optical (toslink) and digital coaxial out as well for a true digital sound. It really is a great product :thumbsup:


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So the money saved from not going for the M2000 could go towards a second-hand DAC, that I could also use with my CDPlayer :D

I must say, this thing about not having a secure connection is not good. Quite a big oversight on their part.

What can you actually change on the Soundbridge using third party software ? I read that the Squeezebox could display VU meters and different fonts etc,.

Can the Soundbridge play Apple Lossless files ?


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Avoid the new M1001, as it upsamples the digital output to 48kHz...

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