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roku soundbridge rebuffering

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by jimmy_b, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. jimmy_b


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    Hi all

    When I first purchased my Roku Soundbridge I was very pleased with it. It successfully played (wirelessly) the few MP3s I'd purchased with no problems. However, I have now started copying my CD collection to hard disk in lossless WMA format and am having problems with the soundbridge continuously rebuffering during playback. It happens at least once during each track!

    Set up is as follows:
    Hi-grade centrino laptop running windows XP with dg834g wireless router and roku soundbridge. soundbridge is running wirelessly. The soundbridge is approximately 10feet from the router and in the same room, and signal quality is only 40-55 (I presume this is out of 100 but it isn't mentioned in the manual). The laptop is in a different room and 25-30 feet from the router yet signal strength is at maximum.

    I have tried running the router in both b/g and just b mode - no difference.

    If anyone has any idea why the signal strength is so low and/or why i get so much rebuffering please let me know. I contacted Roku but they haven't been much help - they suggested I try using the soundbridge using wired ethernet but that's not what I want to do!! If it doesn't work wirelessy then I'll have my money back thanks very much.

    I understand that the Roku stores a buffer of data so that it is less affected by network drops but sometimes it rebuffers a couple of times within a few seconds which I find confusing. Also, the length of time it takes to rebuffer seems awfully long....

    Help please!!!


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