roku fee for hisense TV's $100 activation fee?


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Hi guys :) .. apologies if this has been asked before in the forum, I did a search on the forum and couldn't find any related topic for it but maybe I wasn't looking properly :)

I have purchased a Hisense H4 year 2020 series TV, 43 inches, model number 43H4030F3 ... it's a gift to a refugee family who's in a really rough spot from Afghanistan so the TV isn't for my individual use which limits the amount of testing I can do on it ... still, I created a "throw away" email account as the TV's roku interface demanded to create a roku account, roku seemed to work just fine as far as the free options

(these poor folks probably won't be able to afford Hulu or Netflix or what not so I'm grateful roku has so many free TV offerings.. to be clear the husband WANTS to work but the poor guy doesn't speak a word of English ... we're looking and trying to see what if any job opportunities are available for him anyways but that's admittedly a huge handicap... wife speaks very poor broken English, two kids who are literally half the size they're supposed to be due to malnourishment , looking into free lunches/breakfast at schools for the kids and that sort of thing as well as government programs for refugees that teach English and stuff like that )

Now here's where I get confused.. there are some BITTER Walmart (and amazon ) user review complaints about the Hisense TV's demanding a $100 roku activation fee... but when I tested the TV out roku seemed to immediately work without demanding any money.. I skipped the step where it asks for a payment method since, again, this isn't going to be my TV.

Is there some nasty surprise in store down the road later on where say after 30 days trial period or whatever Hisense demands $100 for roku to work? Or let's say things improve for this family and they want to get say Hulu and Roku's like "surprise, you have to pay $100 to make that work?"... I tried searching on the internet for info on this and came up with nothing.

Any information anyone has that could help me out would be greatly appreciated - and thanks so much to anyone who reads this and replies :)


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Try asking at
This one you've posted at is a UK forum and the brands/models we get this side of the pond are different.


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the $100/£100/whatever Roku activation fee is a scam, Roku does not charge an activation fee in the US, Canada, or Europe.
the reviews where people have said that they had to pay an activation fee are all victims of scammers
see here:

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