Roku AVR passthrough not working (Pioneer VSX-324)


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I have just bought my first projector/receiver setup and have spent weeks (on and off) trying to get it set up... and it's just not happening.

My setup is:
  • Source - Roku Streaming Stick+ (and/or Roku Premiere)
  • Receiver - Pioneer VSX-324-K-P
  • Projector - BenQ TH585
  • Speakers - Mordaunt Short M10 (+ Pioneer sub)
In short, it seems that Roku -> AV Receiver -> Projector results in a green flickering screen, and (if I reach the content itself) the Roku HDCP error page (Error 020).

Source and projector resolution is 1080p, so I should only need HDCP 1.4. The components are all at least HDCP 1.4 compatible. (The AV Receiver is only 1.4; the other devices can handle up to HDCP 2.2)

Roku -> Projector works fine.

Nintendo Switch -> AV Receiver -> Projector works fine.

I'm wondering if the AV Receiver isn't passing through the HDCP 1.4 signal correctly. I bought it second-hand, so I can't just return it, but it 100% works when I use my Nintendo Switch through it. (No HDCP involved there, of course.) Could it be that the HDMI ports are fine but HDCP isn't working on the AV Receiver?

Maybe some kind of HDCP stripper box would help but I have no idea how well those work.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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Hi Joe,

Yep. I never did resolve it.

The Roku stick is plugged into the projector and the audio is sent from the projector to the receiver. That of course means that it is only ever stereo sound, and the 5.1 -> 2 channel conversion is pretty crappy.

Still tempted to take a gamble on an HDMI stripper box but no idea how well those work.

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Do you have the Roku Streaming Stick plus set to output 1080p manually?

Edit: Just seen you have in your original post so forget my question.
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Yeah it works perfectly when plugged into the projector. But when plugged into the receiver, the projector output is the green flickering screen. You can see the content is there behind the flicker though.

It’s the same on all HDMI ports, but consoles (i.e. non HDCP signals) work fine in the same ports.
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