Roksan owners - can you help?


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I recently bought a Phlips Pronto remote (s/h) but cannot for love nor money find the codes for the Kandy amp and Kandy DVD (or for that matter any Roksan product) on any websites.

If anybody can help with this would they please post or send me a PM?



D J Fryer

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If they are not available the best thing to do would be to design a basic device page purely for the IR Codes - one for the Amp one for the DVD (i.e. so no flash lay out just basic uniform 'buttons' for each button on the remotes - design this in Prontoedit).

Then upload this ccf to your Pronto and then learn each of the codes - this is actually quite quick. I would recommend that when learning you always do 2 quick presses of the original remote command as the Pronto 'tends' to learn the codes better that way.

Then you can test the codes using the Pronto - if they all work go back to the PC download the config back to your PC and hey presto! you now have 2 device pages with the full codes for both DVD and Amp. You can copy and paste each of these individually into a new CCF and save them separately. Then be a kind soul and upload them to www.remotecentral.com so that others don't have to feel your pain :)

What I then do is create a nice looking device page with only the remote functions that I regularly use but have the basic layout device page with all the codes as a hidden page. All the buttons on the nice looking layout are then just aliased to the actual codes on the hidden page.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the reply: I guess my intrinsic laziness is rumbled:blush:

I'll get down to some button pressing this eveing

Cheers, Craig


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Originally posted by D J Fryer
I know what you mean - I can't believe no-one has uploaded Panasonic PWD6 plasma codes yet but such is life ;)
I know !!

I too just found out that the my new Yamaha RX V650 is not up yet, so looks like my weekend just dissapeared:boring:
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