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I've an opportunity to update my living room amp from a CA640A to a Roksan Kandy K2. It's a large room, 60m2 and I was looking for something with more grunt. I currently have a pair of B&W 685 S2's in that room. I am looking to buy something like Q acoustics concept 40's to fill out the sound.

Ultimately, I was looking to maximize my budget (about 1300 euros in total) for new speakers and grab a good used amp to power them.

What do you think of the Roksan?

I am in Ireland and ultimately the used market here is very thin - post brexit import duties has made the used market from Britain very difficult. It means you just have to see what comes up that broadly meets your spec.


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I found the Roksan K2 to be a big sound, not exactly refined, but definitely well forward! The build quality however, well, it worried me when testing, especially the volume knob which wobbles all over the place. It will drive the speakers easily enough, but when I tested last year I found better amps. I’d look at Rega, Cyrus, Yamaha, Marantz, Rotel amps, all make quality hifi kit in your price range and will easily match or beat the performance of the K2.

The Q Accoustics speakers are well regarded, but I’d additionally look at Monitor Audio bronze or silver and Dali Spector or Oberon speakers.

And i’d budget for decent speaker, not silly money, but quality cable, say, £4-5 per meter cable, i’d say it does make a difference.

Good luck.


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How much of this 60m2 needs to be filled? You may want to ponder 8" drivers....


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Just a left field thought.
I think your amp has preouts.

Add a behiringer A800 power amp at approx 200 euro.

Add the extra money to the speakers (fwiw I really like q acoustics but the concept 40s are smaller than many and 60m sq is big) and buy a suitably larger pair of floorstanders

I might look at these (you do know budget on a hifi forum has to be exceeded 😂😂🤣)

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I would have a listen to the KEF r3 or r5's on a Rega Elex R amp or monitor Audio bronze floor standers with an Arcam sa20 amp, If you want an amp with tone controls and and built in DAC and a more even smoother sound then look up the excellent Denon PMA1600ne or other japanese amps from Marantz and Yamaha.

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