Roksan K2 Vs Yamaha A-S500


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So I have a Roksan K2 CD Player, and am thinking of upgrading to the K2 amp as well.

The Yamaha A-S500 is a well regarded amp, does anyone think the K2 will sound substantially better than the Yamaha?

My Yamaha amp has been upgraded, but the underlying sound is not too different.

Has anyone any experiences with the Roksan K2 amp/CDP combo?

I will be using Mission E34 (Also soon to be upgraded) speakers.

Thanks in advance.

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When you do change your speakers, if you're going to move to a more capable, and possibly more demanding speaker, the K2 will do a better job than the AS500.


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I have the K2 CDP and K2 Amp combo. At the moment I'm running Monitor Audio GX50's.

Unfortunately I can't comment on potential "upgrades" you might see from the Yamaha amp, but I did test quite a few combo's (see my previous posts) before deciding on this one. As Dav1dF said, the speakers make a hell of a difference. I went to Sevenaoks Sound and tested the K2 CDP and K2 amp with the B&W CM5's (iirc). This was a very good setup and something I would have been more than happy with. Then the salesman played devils advocate and introduced the Monitor Audio GX50's for me to "compare the difference". I was sold 2 songs in.

I guess in answer to your question, the Kandy CDP and amp marry together very well. I thoroughly enjoy the sound I'm getting now and perhaps a speaker upgrade (not for a while mind) may even bring out the combo even better. But I would consider doing a amp & speaker upgrade within touching distance of each other to really get the best out of the K2 amp. I fear by upgrading the amp only at this stage you may be hindering the true potential.

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