Roksan K2 integrated Amp


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Hi still weighing up options and considering k2 amplifier. Downloaded manual and it looks like you have to connect bare speaker wire to binding posts.

Is there no banana plug connection i.e. removable caps

Thanks in anticipation


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You should be able to fit 4mm banana plugs in to the middle of these binding posts. Although it is not mentioned in the manual, that is the reason for those holes in the middle of the binding posts.

The spec given at the Superfi website also suggests this can be done (click on the "Specifications" tab).: Superfi - ROKSAN KANDY K2 AMPLIFIER


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im having a problem with setting up the roksan rmx-111 learning remote on my windows vista pc, i connect the remote using the supplied usb and the device driver installs fine, the device softwre install box opens and i select the install and double click on the file but i keep getting a error message saying Read remote data error, i have tried looking for the software online and its nowhere to be found, i even went to the sunwave website as they do the same remote model number src 1200 but they dont have software downloads. Does you have the install software available or any advice on how i can get this remote to work for online setup thank you

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