Roksan dvd/Caspian dsp/ 5 channel amp



I have the DSP and and power amp. I haven't heard (or seen) the DVD so I couldn't really comment (although it does seem quite expensive for a player which doesn't appear to excel)

The DSP should primarily be regarded as a high quality stereo pre-amp which also happens to be an AV processor. I'm guessing that it's pitched at hi-fi people who also wish to do the surround sound thing but who are more prepared to compromise on the latter than the former. The power amp is IMHO a bargain. It's powerful and transparent. Both pieces are well-made and look gorgeous.

I'm shortly going to be upgrading (prolly to a Tag + Arcam P7). If you're interested in buying a second hand pair (in perfect nick) then let me know.




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thanks warrj, had a change of heart on this liked the power amp, but not sure about the dsp.

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