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My Caspian MK1 cd player refuses to read CDRs. I know there is a way of resetting the main PCB to cure this, but I don't know how. Any ideas ??!




Did you ever find a way of resetting your Caspian to play CDR's?




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Hi Richard,

No! In the end, I took it to Roksan who upgraded it to the MkII spec, and also replaced the laser unit. It has performed faultlessly since, including playing CDRs. If you are still struggling with a MkI, I'd say let Roksan upgrade it for you.




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Hi Paul,

Would you mind me asking how much the upgrade cost you?

Is there any sonic benefit to it or just a case of it now playing CD-R's?

Many thanks,


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Hi Marcus,

I can't exactly remember how much it cost, but a figure of £250ish springs to mind. This included a full service and also the upgrade as follows :

Caspian CD Player Upgrade (new DAC PCB)

High quality double sided DAC PCB with improved on board power supply

High precision custom made Crystal trimmed to within 15ppm with high stability to provide the system clock

Analogue filters utilising high-grade 1% Polystyrene capacitors

High frequency roll-off optimised to be completely smooth into Mhz range

Extended frequency response at both ends providing tighter, deeper and faster bottom end, naturally open mid-band and crisper yet smoother top end

New on board power supply section improved with far better high frequency noise rejection and dedicated regulators for the new output stage amplifier

The new output OpAmp with improved current drive

I'd say the upgrade IS worth the cost.. its much cheaper than buying a new player and the improvements are noticable. Would have been nice to compare a MkI with a MkII side by side to see exactly how the sound has changed, but to me it seemed immediately 'fuller' and 'warmer' whilst still being super sharp. Its interesting playing some early CDs which aren't mastered as well.. I never realised just how poor some sound!!!

Hope this helps, let me know if you want more info.




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It certainly does - many thanks for the info :thumbsup:

I'll PM you with some more questions if you don't mind :)


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I also have a Mk1 and am planning to do this.

The current cost for Roksan to upgrade the CD player is £345. For this they will upgrade the CD player to latest M series spec, the model that superceded the Mk2. They don't replace the face plate, so it will still look like your Mk1, but sonically will perform like a M series which currently cost £1100.

FYI, if you have other Roksan components, it might be worth you joining their cognesciti club. It costs £100 to join, but for this you can get your Roksan kit serviced for nothing, and 20% discount on parts and upgrades.

So the cost of the CD upgrade would be £276 plus £100 joning fee. So you will end up paying £376 for the upgrade and club membership - an extra £31 and for this you can get your amp serviced for free.

I tried to book my CD player in recently, but factory is closed for a fortnight.

See for full details of upgrade and the cog club.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for that Oogster - I think I'll drop them a line and see what the options are :thumbsup:

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