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I stumbled across this in a news article earlier this year which reported:

[Microsoft prevented] James Woodcock from signing up for its Passport authentication system, telling him that "Your lastname contains a word that has been reserved or is prohibited for .NET Passport registration." His alternative choice, "Harold *****", was happily accepted

His accepted name rhymed with "banker"! Anyway, the article then pointed to this as perhaps a source of all things profane!
(Note: click on the Profanisaurus on the menu bar at the top of the page)

Clicking on the ***** Dip link returns some phrases at random.

One which really got me laughing out loud was this one:

hum job n.

Vegetarian oral *** involving no meat, just two veg.,
accompanied by simultaneous humming of the musical variety.


There are some corkers in there that I've never heard of.

Note: Some of the content may offend some of the younger viewers. But as it's Viz, it can't be too bad can it? ;) Enjoy!


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There are some corkers in there that I've never heard of.
I've got the original Profanisaurus book somewhere. It's a real challenge trying to fit some of the entries into everyday conversation :devil:


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The "Profanisaurus REX" contains some of the funniest definitions I have ever heard (and is still worth a buy even if you own the original), it's just a shame that the front cover is missing the same "graphic" as the orginal :)

My favourite is "Kumikaze attack" - definition is probably not suitable for all ages.


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A good one recently was.


Which is basically the female equivalent of how blokes don't feel the cold after a few pints.

"Its alright shazza, im just wearing my bacardigan tonight"


edit: just found the actual definition:

bacardigan n.
Tart fuel version of the beer coat. 'Are you sure you'll be warm enough walking along Whitley Bay seafront during a blizzard in November wearing just those skimpy Kylie shorts and a spangly boob tube?' 'Oh yes. I don't notice the cold when I've got me bacardigan on.'


I love this book, we have one at work and it always perks us up at 6.30am when finishing a night shift.

Faves are :

"Back On Solids"
"Crafty Butcher"
"Hand To Gland Combat"
"Working From Home"

CLASSIC stuff.

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