Roger Waters The Wall Review


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Many thanks for the review, having seen the show at Wembley (in my humble the best pa sound quality I've heard in my life!) I looked forward to this on blu ray and had mates round as first big watch on new pj screen and Denon 2200 in 7.1 (not in overhead atmos mode).

Whilst I considered just pointing up the rear 2 speakers (b and w M1s) and calibrating for atmos to get bounced sound I couldn't be bothered and had read these needed specially tuned speakers to work anyway) - this is my only Atmos disc.

Having read up on Atmos I remain confused as to what the amp does in down mixing to 7.1 (is it speaker based or "objectified" in some way)?

However our thoughts.

Superbly filmed and mixed and edited, we found the cut scenes interesting, picture quality generally superb aside from the odd grainy video which was understandable, sound excellent.

In fact there seemed much less of a " point source" for effects and music with the whole seeming much more "in the room" than I'm used to?

Was this down to Atmos or, as I often expect (and this dates back to Dolby v DTS) is it simply down to the care taken over and general quality of the overall mixing process?

I will now be leaving speakers and set up where it is (7.1) and whilst happily enjoying the improvement the new amp gives and the debate over Atmos will be interested to see if there is any mainstream addoption of in ceiling speakers in UK homes anytime soon?


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Just finished watching this on Netflix, simply stunning.

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