Rocky on xbox


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yes and yes.

Bob Todd

C&VG gave it 7 our of 10 saying the control where sluggish, but if your a fan of rocky you will love it


Edge reviewed it 8/10 and said certainly the best Boxing game.

I got it on Saturday. I'm thu to Apollo in Rocky II. It's a wonderful game. It's equally suited for 5 minutes play or 5 hours. I've always wanted a good boxing game and now after all these years I've got one. I would highly recommend it. I can't wait to get my mates round this weekend, it's going to be a scream.

I haven't played more than a hour or so on Timesplitters2 because I just love playing Rocky. The whole experience is great.


Sessen Ryu

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I picked this up again at the weekend for some unknown reason... (i've been a little ill lately - so anything to relieve the bordom of sitting round the house) - and christ - i'm suddenly addicted! I must have been playing it for about four hours yesterday!

I've completely disregarding training my DETERMINATION in favour of SPEED, POWER and STAMINA. My aim is to never get knocked to the floor - so thus never needing much DETERMINATION to get back up again...

Anway - all going good till I came up against Ivan Drago - up until this point I hadn't even been knocked down. 12th round he had decked my twice.. - i've won most of the rounds so figured that if I could hang on till the end of the round I'll be fine.. - but turns out that the fight is for 15 rounds!! He killed me in the 13th...

Oh well - can't wait to have another stab at it tonight - I still haven't unlocked the Knockout Tournament by compeleting Movie Mode!

Anyone got any tips for this game btw? I'm okay at certain combinations - although my defence is pretty dire... !

Del Boy Smiffy

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Its good no doubt but its not a patch on Fight Night 2004.

Anyone know if there will be a Fight Night 2005?


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Was just going to write exactly the same as Del Boy Smiffy.

Fight Night 2004 is by far and a way the best boxing game i've ever played - Rocky is ok but it's just another boxing game. FN2004 employs a great punch system where you use both analogue sticks to litterally throw punches. Not sure how it works on the X-Box but if the control system is as good as the PS2 one then it will be superb!

Fight Night takes real skill and timing just like the real sport and using analogue sticks to throw the punches is so much better than just pressing a button.

Buy it you won't be disapointed!

Del Boy Smiffy

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Could'nt have said it better myself.

And its a rare game where the hard skill level is hard, unlike most including Rocky.

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