Rocky 6 now confirmed


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LOL.... Your having a laugh, Rocky 6. He's in his 50's isn't he? :rotfl:


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Razor said:
LOL.... Your having a laugh, Rocky 6. He's in his 50's isn't
he? :rotfl:

Maybe it's his son who is boxing :D :D

Otherwise, :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


He's 59 but when you consider George Foreman was boxing well into his forties i'm pretty sure he can get himself into great shape, also see Rambo 4 is in production, hope they go for a full blooded all out action flick and don't give us one of those watered down PG-13 flicks Hollywood currrently enjoys making.

Gary D

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Does this sound llike a bad idea to anyone else :rolleyes: He must have a tax bill to pay :D



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A nearly 60 year old man going for the world boxing title. I have never herd anything so stupid before. He will get his arse kicked by a guy in his late twenties early 30's. I hope they don't do this.


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This has been confirmed for at least 2 months. Stallone had the first 3 pages of the script in his bodybuilding magazine called *coughs* Sly.

It opens with Rocky and Adrian's brother, as far as I can recall, at her grave.

Gary D

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gm0x45 said:
I hope it will be the same ending as Million Dollar Baby, so no Rocky VII.

you dont think thats a spoiler then? Any chance you can blank it out.



I for one want to see Rocky 6 and Rambo 4...why shouldnt he make them...I got a feeling some of you guys are a little jealous that Sly is still in good enough shape to make such films and in any case both Rocky and Rambo are just gr8 entertainment and much better than some of the rubbish that passes for entertainment being made these days

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