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Rockstar Social Club Stats


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I didnt want to take the liberty city marathon thread off-topic so, I am trying to find my stats on the website without success.

Here is a screenshot of the opening page once logged in. I am using firefox and my login details are saved so it automatically logs in each time:


It was kindly suggested that I should then click on the picture of Lola sucking the lollipop and on doing so I am presented with the following:


Here is a screenshot of the only stats I seem able to obtain on clicking the liberty city marathon. Is this it? I thought there was more to it than this:



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am so glad you put this post up as i cant find any stats at all.. it sucks and the help is naffer than naff!! great idea, poor execution!!:thumbsdow


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Should cover up your tabs. Bugmenot and warez-bb tabs.:devil:

Managed to get a certificate or medal from one of the marathons.


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Yep that it, although you should be able to see you progress by clicking on the 100% club and waiting a moment. I say should because sadly it appears all the stats are utterly broken.

According to the website i'm 70% completed, yet i'm at least 75%, it says i haven't finished the storyline, yet did that almost a week ago and although i've got three bronze medals on the marathon stats they look way off what i should have.

At the moment its very disappointing, compared to something like Halo3 its very poor.

Deleted member 380232

click on the LCPD blotter - it tells you how many crimes there were and stuff - that's mildly interesting


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Thank you all for your input, it is a relief that I am not alone with these issues. I understand Rockstar are in the process of fixing them. As it happens, it was over a week since the launch of the game until they removed the information which stated that 'the site will become active on April 29th. I guess the current issues will be resolved in an equal time.


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Imho - the website sucks. Compared to the guitarhero3 website or PGR3 its awful - especially as I signed up a week and a half ago and all my stats still say 0%. For what is up there I kind of think they shouldn't have bothered.

Just out of interest, can you see the stats of your xbox live buddies easily?


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My Liberty City marathon stats seem to be updating but it doesn't seem to have realised that I've completed the main story. Anyone got that working yet?


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Mine has finally been updated, completed the story on the 10th and it has just let me in the story gang. Got a few medals/certificates on the marathon aswell.

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