Rocksmith (PSN / 360 live tags)


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Quick thread for those interested in sharing there PSN and 360 live tags for friends list.

Mainly for people interested in playing or are already playing Rocksmith just for a bit of fun, you will not need to go far to superseed my guitar skills. :blush:

Quite a few people here already playing on PS3 using an import and no doubt mo?re when Ubisoft finally get the go-ahead to release in the EU.

***If you add people just mention AVforums or Rockmith on friend request so folk know whats what***

Will attempt to keep this first post up-to-date if there are any take-ups on replies.


Rocking the Rocksmith:

AVforum Tag: Cheezushrice:
360: Cheezus H Rice (will use 360 when released)
PSN: Bobby-Bauble (playing now)

AVforum Tag: Big
PSN: hypoxic
XBL: Evil Dan

AVforum Tag: Gooner
XBL: Goooner1
US PSN: Goooner1US (I think)
UK PSN: MonkeyGooner

AVforum Tag:EdB999
UK PSN:BigEd-1981

AVforum Tag:GentleZIppy
UK PSN:GF_GentleZIppy
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I guess this was not a good idea I'll take my Christmas jck Daniels n go cry in the corner /wink

Sent from said pub with Jd in hand

Bit of trivia for u did u know Jd was the most rock unroll drink in the world because it is made in off cuts from Gibson FACT Jd has les Paul wood.

Look it up if u don't believe me most rock n roll drink In the world literally :)
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Ps gooner if U don't signup I'll be sadly disappointed I maybe a little drunk... (very drunk) but a bit of of me will die inside if u do not par take....lmao...

I need to goto bed this is not helping my guitar skills or..... My liver.

Merry Christas.... I think....

Ps the Internet access for sure should have a brethalizer test some how... Whatever / burp

Merry Xmas

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Ps I'm sh*tfaced "no u don't say" can you friend list people across regions? I'm a ps3 noob normally game on 360, just asking as some are playing on temporary us psn accounts some on there normal EU.

Ok i'll get my drunken santa coat and walk on, walk on by.... Sure there are others that have thought the same,...

Rob...pretending to be a rock god this Christmas....

Have a good one!

I'm no doubt going to read this back in the morning with regret but **** it let's just create a little rocksmith......

if ubi had any sense song of the week is only a day away, this software could be sooooo good with a few tweaks....

I'm rolling (quite literally) to bed please don't remind me of this drunken ramble ever....... Unless u have?

A spare AFD100 or a previously requested red explorer from rocksmith intro if u give me the latter I impromise not to do the Edge....

http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=first afd 100 salw&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CDQQtwIwAA&url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd6BmMiIllc&ei=TMLzTvrTCszG8QPKv9SwAQ&usg=AFQjCNEENSBdBpULymVGzThFVkuHoAAacw
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Xboxlive - Goooner1
US PSN - Goooner1US (I think)
UK PSN - MonkeyGooner


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My head ow my head off to work I go, roll on 4'oclock...

Not going to read back that ****** ramble my head couldn't take it, I would say "I'm never drinking again"..... But...

True Rock Star in the making!


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Maybe not, I'll check I've put it down right next time in on.

Only play RS on my US account though, as I started playing it even before there was any DLC announced and didn't want to play on my UK account in case it wasn't compatible and have to start again.

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