Rocksmith 2014


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Great White [Band] – $7.99

* Great White “House of Broken Love”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

* Great White “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

* Great White “Rock Me”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –


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Stevie Wonder three pack next week. Including Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

If it’s anything like the first pack, good, possibly great songs, but not much fun to play.

Miss Mandy

Superstition should be a good track. The packs certainly seemed to have improved lately.

Christian 71

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Seems a great one for Bass.

Guitar maybe not so much, struggled to hear the guitar on the latter two songs and sounds like they went direct to the board on a strat.


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Oh, well. We had a little run of stuff people have actually heard of. Back to obscurity :D


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Sevendust – $7.99

• Sevendust “Angel’s Son”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Drop Db] –

• Sevendust “Black”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Drop Db] –

• Sevendust “Praise”|Lead/Rhythm [C# Drop B] | Bass [Eb Drop Db] –

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