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Evening all

I grabbed one of the N54L Microservers recently to add to my existing N40L. The plan is to use it as a SAN box, running Windows Server 2012 R2 and serving iSCSI volumes. I look after a Win network infrastructure so it makes sense for me to use what I know - I'm sure many will argue against Windows / for Linux/BSD/Solaris etc etc but I'm happy with that

I've also managed to get hold of a RocketRaid 2300 for a good price so plan to use that to control a hardware RAID5 array

Now, I dont have lots of spare cash so I'm hoping to utilise the RocketRaid OCE/ORLM in my strategy to build up my storage gradually. Hopefully someone with a RocketRaid will be able to let me know if this is feasible (my card will take a few days to arrive)

1. Initially, I'd like to use a couple of 2TB HDDs which I already have, in a RAID1 config
2. Later when I can grab a 3TB HDD I'd like to add to the array and reshape it to RAID5 (Yes I know I'd only be able to use 2TB of it at first)
3. Later still I'd like to add another 3TB HDD to my existing RAID5 array
4. Hopefully have the possibility to then replace both my 2TB HDDs (one at a time of course) until all 4 are 3TB HDDs, and then grow the array to provide 4x3TB = 9TB of resilient storage
5. Repeat when 4TB drives become sensibly priced
You get the picture

So, anyone who uses a RocketRaid know if this is doable with the Raid card live, without the usual nightmare of backup, wipe recreate array, restore data?

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