Rocketman 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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I thoroughly enjoyed this at the cinema, and now can't wait to pick up this 4k disc and listen to the Atmos track.


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Saw this at the Summer Open Air Cinema in Westfalen Park Dortmund - all speaking parts in German, but the Musical parts in the original English. They have a good, well-tuned Sound System, but run in stereo, so looking forward to catching this at Home in Atmos!


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That’s a fair review & concur on the whole.

I’ve seen EJ a few times & do enjoy his concerts & music ... but I didn’t gel with this film either.

Visually it looks good, the sound was very good, but the story & music never found its pace for me & the music moved away too far from the original tracks & so it was where near as enjoyable as Bohemian for me.

It was ok but I would have preferred a totally different film with full length tracks sung by the lead character in sync with the original tracks.

This version maybe was intended for a wider audience possibly who aren’t familiar with EJ’s music.


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I was one of the few that didn’t get on with this at all. I basically wanted to leave after about 2 minutes.
Completely agree. I found the film to be shallow and boring. Even the songs did not sound that well.

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Completely agree. I found the film to be shallow and boring. Even the songs did not sound that well.
I saw it at a preview and I thought the actual vocals were horrible. I was genuinely surprised when the reviews came out at how positive they were about them.
I’m the wrong sort of person for this though, apart from the fact I don’t particularly like EJ, I didn’t like La La Land or Bohemian Rapsody either.
Didn’t mind Greatest Showman though lol.


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Watched the 4k disc last night and a little disappointing. The production and soundtrack not in the same league as A Star Is Born. Still an enjoyable movie but large aspects of his life not covered so not a biography and also clearly the singing isn't near Eltons level so a bit of a mixed bag. Seems a little over hyped to me but it is still a good movie and worthy of your time and cash


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Finally watched the Disk last night via rental. We first saw the Movie last year at an Open Air Cinema Season in our Local Park. That was the German Dubbed version, though all the Songs were the oginals from the Movie. So it was great to hear the voices of the actual actors, & pick up on the nuances. We really enjoyed the second viewing. PQ was fantastic & with the Atmos the songs particularly were very immersive. But I think it's a Movie that needs a good TV, a good sound system, & a good watching, & a Love of Elton John's Music & of Musicals. Otherwise it would not work

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