Rocketman 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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I thoroughly enjoyed this at the cinema, and now can't wait to pick up this 4k disc and listen to the Atmos track.


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Saw this at the Summer Open Air Cinema in Westfalen Park Dortmund - all speaking parts in German, but the Musical parts in the original English. They have a good, well-tuned Sound System, but run in stereo, so looking forward to catching this at Home in Atmos!


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That’s a fair review & concur on the whole.

I’ve seen EJ a few times & do enjoy his concerts & music ... but I didn’t gel with this film either.

Visually it looks good, the sound was very good, but the story & music never found its pace for me & the music moved away too far from the original tracks & so it was where near as enjoyable as Bohemian for me.

It was ok but I would have preferred a totally different film with full length tracks sung by the lead character in sync with the original tracks.

This version maybe was intended for a wider audience possibly who aren’t familiar with EJ’s music.


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I was one of the few that didn’t get on with this at all. I basically wanted to leave after about 2 minutes.
Completely agree. I found the film to be shallow and boring. Even the songs did not sound that well.

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Completely agree. I found the film to be shallow and boring. Even the songs did not sound that well.
I saw it at a preview and I thought the actual vocals were horrible. I was genuinely surprised when the reviews came out at how positive they were about them.
I’m the wrong sort of person for this though, apart from the fact I don’t particularly like EJ, I didn’t like La La Land or Bohemian Rapsody either.
Didn’t mind Greatest Showman though lol.


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Watched the 4k disc last night and a little disappointing. The production and soundtrack not in the same league as A Star Is Born. Still an enjoyable movie but large aspects of his life not covered so not a biography and also clearly the singing isn't near Eltons level so a bit of a mixed bag. Seems a little over hyped to me but it is still a good movie and worthy of your time and cash

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