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Secrets of Home Theater have posted a review of the Rocket subwoofer here . I am posting this as there was some amount of interest in the sub as "another SVS" type supplier and I thought some people would be interested.
It actually sounds like a good sub, reading the review.


Ian J

There must have been loads of people in the last year who expressed interest in SVS but said that they were too big.

Now is your chance to buy something that won't have the ultimate extension or power of the big cylinder but also won't block out the sunlight yet still takes advantage of the "buying direct and saving a fortune", business model.

At between £450 and £500 delivered with all taxes paid, this is still a bargain compared to what is available via the UK retail market so hopefully someone will take the plunge as we need a guinea pig


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Mixed metaphors Ian!

Do we really need a porcine rodent that can swim? :blush:



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LOL, I doubt the SPL will reach mortal levels. ;)

A pitty that John Johnson didn't test the sub, knowing he is much more thorough.


As of Thursday, May 6th, I will have 4 UFW-10's in our theater room. We also have the level 4 TrueRTA software and Linearx software for testing purposes, any information and/or measurments you would like, just ask.

It is a fairly simple task, with the software already in my laptop computer, and an MMobile microphone pre-amp/phantom power supply/Behringer ECM Measuring Microphone here.

We also have a full review between the PB2+ and Hsu VTF-3's on a site called Home Theater SPot - It is easily accessible from the SVS site, the review has a summary under "The SPot for You" then "The Review SPot".

Both SVS and Rocket make remarkable products for the money.


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I was first of all interested in Johnsons opinion. After that his distortion tests (20Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz) and spectrum-graph come to mind. If you could cook up something similar, ideally comparing it with a PB2+ or PC+ 20-39, that would be great! :)

I bought some stuff for RTA too, including that mike. I have yet to do some distortion-tests, any idea what software John uses for that?


But for background, My brother is a partner in a company that designs and manufacturers pro-audio gear... big money gear that is on the $10,000 and up installations.

They checked the software I use, and it was within 1 - 2 dB of their very expensive LinearX software... It is called TrueRTA ... easy to buy online, and you can do pretty much everything with it - distortion measurements... max SPL... Frequency sweeps...

The best part, the level 4 package is only $99 US... and if you have the ECM-8000, it is already compatible, just need a phantom power supply, which the MMoble pre can handle... it will be less than $200...

You will be in measuring heaven... :thumbsup:

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