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Hello everyone. I just joined because I need help locating a song that ive been wanting to find for a whiled ago but had no luck. I don't rememer the name of the song or the band's but I do rember a little of the music video. Ok its a rock band, not sure what specific rock genre but I remember there is a lot of screaming in the chorus. In the music video the band is playing inside a white room that looked like the corner of a house, and they were dressed verry unusual, something like formal pants white T shirts and suspenders. I think there were light bulbs hanging from the sealing and there was also and old man I belive working on something. I also remember there was som type of disturbing insects maybe flies. The band memberes have white skin and mostley black short hair and the lead singers hair was styled really tight to one side I belive. This video called my atention for being so unusual and also because the drumer does some cool arrangements with the hihat during the verses. I also remember that when entering the chorus the camera made a movement from left to right. I dont think Ive ever seen or hear this band again in my life except this one time but I would like to. I really apreciate the help. Thanks :)
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Papa Roach - Angels and Insects?

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