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    I watched this last night, didn't know what to expect. It stars Farhan Akhtar who directed a very popular Bollywood road movie, Dil Chahta Hai in 2001. Farhan's father is a very well known composer of Bollywood sountracks and songs in the industry for the last 3 decades and has won numerous awards. This is not a Bollywood movie so fans of that genre may not appreciate this film. But if you love the art of photography and enjoy a good story and great soundtrack, you'll really enjoy this film. I thought it was brilliant and real breath of fresh air. This is essentially a drama and the music is one of the players.

    The video presentation in my humble opinion is superb - the photography is wonderful (I'm a huge fan of variable focus "in-depth" shots") and the colours, black levels, shadow detail are just fantastic. Honestly, I must say that for demo purposes, Indian blu-ray titles are amongst the best I've seen and if you believe your projector is fantastic then this will demonstrate it perfectly.

    The audio during the music scenes is really crystal clear - the bass is thumping, the songs are full of spirit and emotion and the tracks reflect the theme of the film very well indeed. The rest of the movie is dialogue based which is clear... nothing much else in the sense of other sound effects or atmosphere... the music though is awesome. I noticed a little lip sync at times but I'm not sure whether that's the disc or possibly my amp that needs readjusting slightly. If you're a fan of the modern rock-pop style of Indian songs then there are a couple here which are really good.

    My scores...

    Movie 9/10
    Video 10/10
    Audio 7/10 (9/10 for just the song scenes)

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