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Rock Band Unplugged


Established Member
Anyone else played the demo? I'm not a huge fan of rythm games generally but I found myself quite enjoying this one.

Rob B

Prominent Member
It's pretty good, I have the full game and it's much more enjoyable than GH:On Tour on DS.


Established Member
I had the same problem with the rock band demo (requires 5.03+) since I have CFW 5.00 m33-6 on mine. Found a prog called NP decyrpt which runs from my psp and used it to decrypt the demo. Was strangely like 2.5x the orginal size after that but it works :D


Prominent Member
I've got the demo but not moved across to my PSP yet.
Thanks to CFW, my fw wasn't high enough for Resistance, so assuming the same here.

If your running 5.00 M33-6 boot into recovery menu (right trigger whilst turning on psp), change USB mode to flash0 and "use version.txt" to enable. Then reboot psp, use computer to navigate to flash0/vsh/version.txt and change "release:5.00:" to release:5.50: , reboot and resistance demo works fine (presumable along with any other "Minimum firmware" demos. I know this also works for the final fantasy psn download.

I have done this myself on my psp "fat", and it worked fine, but messing with flash0 can end up with a semi-brick - so at your own risk etc etc....;)


Prominent Member
The game is officially out in the UK on Friday and I'm really looking forward to it as I enjoyed the demo a lot (I'm a massive fan the "real" Rock Band game, which probably helped). I think I'll just start on Easy and work my way up. :rolleyes:


Standard Member
This is the first of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games that I've played, and to be honest with you it's brilliant.
I can't put it down!


Distinguished Member
I've been enjoying this game, I borrowed it off someone, I didn't know it wasn't out at the time - but he does work at EA :)

It's a fun game, my girlfriend is a bit addicted to it.


Established Member
Went out and traded inamous for this and its amazing. Great song list too. Couple this with the release of final fantasy 7 on psn and you got 1 heck of alot of portable gaming on your hands


Prominent Member
I liked the game, but being into thump along electronic stuff, without the interaction of guitar, not enough to push me into a must buy territory. Certainly not with the huge amount of games coming out in the near future for the PSP

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