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Hard to disagree with this review. Not bad, but not good either. Having watched the original classic recently, it's brilliance masks the fact that some (not all) of the acting is pretty bad!...and that was one way in which this pays homage nicely to the original!

I will give it credit for not just being a scene for scene remake.


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I'm going to be controversial and say that I was a bit more impressed. Not a patch on the original but, maybe because of the fact that I wasn't expecting it to be any good at all, I came out of it thinking I had enjoyed two hours of mindless escapism. I thought Keaton's campy cameo was brilliant and he looked like he was enjoying every minute of it. We don't see enough of him on the screen anymore. The visuals for me were really good too. I could have done with less of the family stuff but in general I thought it was a lot better than it had any right to be.


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I rather enjoyed it.,not as much as the original,but these kind of films don't do it for me like they used to anyway.


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An absolutely spot on review - a nice way to while away an hour or two. A bit like many modern movies - looks and sounds great but in the end it's just a hollow shell.

1080 jawbreaker

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anyone feel a bit queezy when he asks for his suit to be removed revealing whats left of his own body. Caught me off guard for a PG-13


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Enjoyed this for a while, good actors to give the story a little oomph . A better feel for the Robocop story concept, human/Ai conflict and who can ultimately control the the internal conflict going on. Ultimately let down by a very poor tired CGI ridden third act and weaker bad guys cooperate and villain that falls well short of the original satire. Silver Robo don't need stealth black in downtown Detroit .


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Good review! :) I might pick this up for amusement/curiousity value when it hits the bargain shelves.

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