Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves Extended Edition Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 16th July 2009
Okay, now, if you're a fan of this interpretation, then I'm pretty sure that this BD release will notch your arrow, regardless of what I've said about it. No matter how soft or murky it is, this 1080p edition does offer a better image than you will have seen on home video before and some decent commentaries, and for many that will certainly be enough to warrant an upgrade. But, as well as my own reservations about the movie, itself, there are definitely some issues with this transfer that deny its nostalgic value a “must have” leap. The film looks dank and dour and the sound-mix is un-involving and something of a disappointment.

If you absolutely, positively must have one Robin Hood movie on BD before the Scott/Crowe epic thunders onto disc, then make it Errol Flynn's unparalleled classic from 1938 (see BD review). The fun, the verve, the action and the sheer entertainment of his definitive incarnation of Robin Hood knocks Costner's for six.

So, with this in mind, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves gets an overall 6 out of 10.
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