Roberts WM201 Wi-Fi Internet Radio - Any feedback ?

Hi There,

I picked one of these up from John Lewis today.
I had one of the tevions from Aldi, which I took back as it was utter rubbish. I then got an intempo from Argos, that went back too, due to a very annoying clicking on a low volume.

With each of the 2 above radio's I have not had the feeling of wanting to keep them and a feeling of disapointment. I did however like the intempo, if you are not going to play it at low volume, it will be fine.

I had read some very good review on this on
The Roberts is in a totally different league, different class all together. Looks great, sound fantastic and would hate to part with it, even after only owning it for only a few hours.

The downside is that it is a liitle on the expensive side -but having seen some of the other WiFi radio's on display at John Lewis, it is not all that not expensive. This looks the dogs danglies and certainly performs the in same way

20 out of 10 is the marks I would give this radio (opppps! that should have been 10 out of 10)

I hope this helps you to buy one

Best wishes

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