Robbie Williams concert - Milton Keynes info needed

Joe Pineapples

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Robbie Williams - Milton Keynes - monday 18th September
gates open 2:30pm, concert begins 4:00pm

I need to find out what time the Robbie Williams portion of the event starts, to be sure my brother and his wife, can get there in time. I am assuming that a supporting band will be playing first, starting at the 4pm time slot.

Any fans out there with more knowledge than that?.



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Ring the venue or organisers.


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Ive been to 2 gigs at milton keynes bowl, eminem and green day, they have support acts on for a good few hours while every 1 gets settled and have a few beers, If I remember it would be arounf 8pm to 830pm, but to make sure get there for 7pm to make sure


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Watch out for the stupid jobsworth security on the gates, NO PLASTIC BOTTLES OVER 500ml allowed in the grounds and NO FOOD as well, you have to stick to the crap that they sell inside, £2 for a small bottle of water and £3 for a pint of warm lager, crappy hot dog £2.50. We went to Monsters Of Rock back in June, it was a really warm day where you needed to drink plenty of fluids(no alcohol), but no one got any thing over 500ml in the place, even people with small kids.:thumbsdow :thumbsdow

I took cartons of ribena and they where OK about them.

Headliners normally come on stage around 8-8.30 but this will depend on running times and line-up.

Joe Pineapples

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thankyou both for the useful info. The only thing i have been able to find out is a group called 'basement Jaxx' is the support. No idea how long they will play for though. Finding out when Roobie Williams actually comes on stage is the worlds best kept secret - ridiculous:thumbsdow

thanks again for your tips


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Joe, i can imagine that MK bowl would turn into a right mud bath if it is wet, it is afterall just a grass field, so go prepared if wet.:smashin:

PS We always arrive at a gig when doors open, lets face it you pay good money for your ticket so why not take full advantage of that fact.


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...anyone else know any of the support acts ?

I had heard about Basement Jaxx and have heard somewhere about The Ordinary Boys :rolleyes: , but any other ideas ? I seem to have read that Orson were supporting in Europe - are they in the UK ?

By the way, going to Leeds on the 9th and looking forward to the long walk back to the centre to stop at my sister in laws student digs :rolleyes:

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