Rob Galbraith first look at 1D MkIII


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There are a good number of full-size samples at various ISO's on the third page, from 100 right up to 12800 (!). It's a pre-production model they're using and appears to have an AF issue (I'd be amazed if that's not already resolved):


In every area except autofocus, the preproduction Canon EOS-1D Mark III is the best full-featured SLR we've ever used, and its image quality is the best we've seen from a digital SLR in all ways except sheer resolution, where the EOS-1Ds Mark II is still the leader. If Canon can finish the job on autofocus, then the EOS-1D Mark III will be one of the most powerful cameras ever made. And if Canon follows up the EOS-1D Mark III with a full-frame EOS-1Ds Mark III that records photos of equivalent quality, only with 20+ million pixels in those photos, and it can shoot at perhaps 4-5 fps, then Canon may have an unbeatable duo of cameras for the pro digital SLR photographer. Right now, it all hinges on Canon getting the autofocus working before the EOS-1D Mark III ships.

Assuming that they do, then Nikon has their work cut out for them. It's obvious that among Canon's many design goals for the EOS-1D Mark III was a desire to catch up to or surpass Nikon in several areas where the D2-series of cameras was superior, including body weight, the battery system and camera configuration. Canon has done that, and so much more. Nikon still has a better wireless flash system, though Canon's flash tweaks in the Speedlite 580EX II, and the fact they have a usable wireless flash system themselves, means that Nikon's lead even in this area is probably not a big factor in the purchasing decisions of most photographers.

In short, if Canon ships an EOS-1D Mark III with proper autofocus, the competition at the pro end between the two companies will be over for the moment. Since we'd choose the image quality - and everything else about the EOS-1D Mark III - over the higher resolution D2Xs, and we won't be the only shooters to figure out that Canon is offering a superior product. Nikon's next pro digital SLR body is going to have to be a killer camera to keep up.

At the time of the EOS-1D Mark III's announcement, it was expected to ship in April 2007, along with the WFT-E2/E2A, 580EX II and EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II. The lens is shipping, but the camera appears to have slipped into a May delivery, though as of this writing we haven't been able to definitively confirm this with Canon.


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Well they certainly seem mightily impressed by it.

I just wish they'd hurry up and release it so the second hand values can start falling.
Give it a couple of years perhaps. ;)

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