Road to Guantanamo


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Anyone else watching this?

To be honest Im gutted by the absolute inhumane treatment of these prisoners in the hands of US and Allied forces including our own. I know that this kind of treatment had been going on but the graphic account of events shown in this film through the eyes of these boys is sickening. How this could happen and nobody in any sort of authority or power question it is just beyond me. :mad: :mad: :mad: Someone should be held accountable...!!!


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But no-one will be held accountable because its the good old US of A thats doing these terrible things, but they are the good guys, aren't they?

If you are only wakening up now to injustices being carried out on your behalf by the US/UK governments then this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Have you not read about the kidnapping of people in Europe by the US and then flying them to other countries for torture.

What about the fact that approx 6 times the number of innocent people have now died in Iraq from military action than actually did in the Twin Towers that started it all. Why are US/UK lives more important than Iraqi lives?

What about the tens of thousands of innocent people (inc many many children) who died due to the sanctions after the 1st Gulf War, when items such as medecines were not allowed into the country.

If you believe that your government is the great protector and does no wrong, then you're wrong. The so-called peaceful nations who are leading the 'Wat on Terror' are actually very good at it themselves.


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Yup I watched it, was I surprised by the treatment of prisoner by the allied forces? No.

The US used to be a fine country, oh how far it has fallen. For shame.


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The 3 guys in this film struck me as being a little disingenuous. They all had significant criminal records, they did visit known radical mosques and madrassas on several occasions, and they did cross over into Afghanistan after the fighting started - why, exactly? That is never really explained.

I don't condone the stuff that goes on at Guantanamo, but remember that this film is based entirely on the testimony of the three young men themselves - it doesn't even attempt to be impartial or objective. So don't take it as literal truth.


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I was expecting the portrayal of the treatment to be even more graphic than it was.

I found it to be better balanced and less sensational than I was expecting.

There were a few flashes of humanity, for example the US guard alerting the inmate that there was a tarantula in his pen then killing it.


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shahedz said:
yes thats the only thing i found , has anyone recorded a copy from TV? that they wouldnt mind recording me a copy or lending me, i can provide a blank DVD and cover all postage costs

Yep, i managed to pull out a vhs tape from my shed and recorded it on my vcr. The problem is i have no idea how to upload it onto my computer in order to burn onto disc so any suggestions would be helpful.

NicolasB, They may not have a squeaky clean background but what does that have to do with actual terrorism? One of the 7th July bombers was a school teacher who had even visited the Houses of Parliament. They visited a mosque linked to terror? Well so did a few neighbours of Mr DeMenzes before he was executed. They crossed over the border? Foolish yes, at the wrong place at the wrong time yes, but an indictment? I dont think so.

I'll accept their account of events over the usual crap fed to us through the media any time of day.


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You'll need a PC Capture Card with composite in (or S-Video if your Recorder is a Super VHS Model).

I just saw a cheap 32MB one on the Hardware Forums with all the leads?

Good luck!


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