RME: Hammerfall or DIGI96/8 PAD?


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I'm starting to think about getting an RME card for audio playback from my PC. I'm happy to leave the surround duties to S/PDIF into my Denon AVC-A1D, however for two channel I was intending to use the analogue outs. I have a few questions:

(a) Is there much difference between the Hammerfall and the DIGI 96/8 PAD for 2 channel audio?
(b) If software materialises to play Hi-Res DVD-Audio through any soundcard will either of these cope?
(c) If I wanted to expand duties to include surround sound from the analogue outputs, is one card more suitable than the other?

Finally, the best price I've seen for the DIGI96/8 is at www.musicians-gear.com. Has anyone else used them?




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Cant answer your question really, but would I be correct in saying that the DIGI96/8 is £180?


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I'd go for that then mate

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