Rivatuner or Speedfan - Accurate GPU Temps??


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Hi All,

Just took delivery of a new XFX GTX260 BE and performance wise I am more than happy.

And now I find myself monitoring it a lot to ensure the temps are OK etc.

What I have found though is that I am getting different temprature readings from Rivatuner and Speedfan and I don't know which one to consider as accurate??

Generally Speedfan states that the idle temp is approx 50 - 55c and Rivatuner is 42 - 47c

I am hoping you are all going to say Rivatuner :rolleyes:

Comments Please......


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Strangley the difference in temp between the 2 programs is a constant 8 degrees..... Does this mean anything??

Riva tuner shows the full details of the GPU and shows core and ambient temp, whereas Speedfan just shows GPU temp?


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Cheers Broona,

I have downloaded that software and the temps seem to reflect Speedfan, so the question must be why am I getting 2 different readings that seem to follow each other perfectly with a 8 degree difference??

Confused! :rolleyes:


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If it's anything like how CPU temps are calculated then the reading is not of the temperature but of the distance away from a set figure (Called TJMax).

For instance, your GPU may have a TJMax of say 100deg C which is the Max temp the chip can run at before the overheating protection kicks in and it starts throttling to cool it back down.

What Speedfan, etc.. reads to get the temp is how far away from TJMax the chip is, so say it's reading 55deg away from TJmax then it will report the temp of the chip as being 45deg.

This is where programs can differ in what they are reporting because if one program is using a TJmax of 100deg and another is using 110deg then they will report the temp as being 10deg different from each other.

Like I said though, I'm not sure if this is how GPU temps are read but it's deffo how CPU temps are read so may go some way to explaining your query.

I would go with the majority result.


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