Ripping to FLAC with EAC - Hiiden / Secret Track gaps


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Im ripping my music collection to FLAC using EAC. Im then using MP3Tag to embed the artwork and add extra tag information.

I have a problem with some of my albums having hidden / secret tracks at the end of the albums though.

For example, Pearl Jam's 'Lost Dogs' CD 2 has a secret track about 4mins after 'Bee Girl' that according to the Internet (but not the box or CD Text on the disc) is called "4/20/02". Heres some info:

I expect this to be a bit of a problem, as there are lots of albums that have these tracks hidden after large gaps. This would become very annoying in a jukebox environment.

Is there a simple way of either:

a: remove the gap so the two track follow each other smoothly.
b: remove the gap and seperate the track giving them each a different name.

Hope someone can help!


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I tend to leave them as they are, because i like my albums to play back exactly how the CD played - how the band/producer's intended. But that's just my personal preference. I can see why people would want it as a separate track though - i thought EAC could do this, at least i have used a ripper that can (maybe Cdex or DBpowerAMP). Option "b" would make more sense i think. i will have a play around this afternoon...


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Yeah, i can see why you'd want them to be ripped as they are on the cd - but if you're having a party and suddenly theres several minutes silence before the secret track it would be a bit of mood killer.
I thought this would be something EAC could remedy, but i cant find it mentioned anywhere in the docs or on the net.


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I have been ripping the tracks that contain secret or hidden tracks at the end using the 'uncompressed' option, then editing the wave file output in EAC > Tools > Process Wave and using flac from the command line to compress them afterwards.

It takes a while longer, but the results are great - no strange periods of silence when youre listening to music!


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You can use the "Copy Range" feature in EAC to rip a particular section of a CD by specifying start and end times, which should enable you to remove extraneous silence with a bit of trial and error.

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