ripping games to hd

is there such a program that will rip a orignal game to the xbox hardrive im using evox dash and a xecuter 2 chip ive tryed dvd2xbox and the game goes on but wont load up when selected on dash


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welshy2002 said:
it wold be a old version defo and it was stubbs the zombie and oo7 nightfire
You must have an old version of DVD2Xbox

I have version 0.7.1 and Stubbs works on mine but the following do not

GTA San Andreas
Ghost recon Advanced Warfighter
Brian Lara International cricket

The latest version is 0.7.6


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Your problem is that your box is PAL but the games you have ripped are most probably NTSC (or vice versa). You'll need to either patch the games as suggested above, or switch your box in to a specific video mode (i.e PAL or NTSC, not AUTO) to play them. I had the same issue with GTA:SA and BIA:EIB until I tried this.

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