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Really struggling to get DVDs to rip correctly so that the length of the title in time is what it should be.

Here's what i'm doing:

Ripping a Dr Who disc with DVDShrink into 4 separate files (episodes)

The resultant VOB files play perfectly well and Windows Media Player states 25mins for each episode.

Now playing the separate VOB files or changing the extension to MPG results in the files length of time reducing to 1m 30s which screws up the fast forwarding and rewinding. It seems that when the extra DVD files generated in the ripping process are removed, the time issues occur.

Any tips?

(Should be in the media & streaming thread, oops)

Thanks, Owen
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I noticed this too. I ripped "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost ark" to a single VOB then to Mpeg and then put it on the HDD of the ps3 so I could watch it with out having to put the disk in each time! (its one of my fav films! so watch it alot!)

any way - the time says it is only 1 hour long but it is actually 2 hours long.

The whole movie is there and it plays well so go figure!

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