RIP Neil Armstrong


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Sad... a very rare true hero gone :(

BT Bob

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Finally taken his last small step! :(

RIP - a true pioneer and hero.

Mr Incredible

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I watched the Apollo 11 landing "live" in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing has quite captured the world's imagination since. I am so sad to see this quiet and humble man leave this spaceship earth. Respect.


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RIP Neil Armstrong. One Steely-Eyed Missle Man (even though the phrase wasnt really related to him).

Given what he did, I almost expected him to be immortal.



When I was 11 years old, I did a school project about space. My Dad had some business in London which Neil Armstrong was part of and he managed to get him to autograph the inside cover.

He does his autograph as Neil A.


Miss Mandy

Sad news, RIP Neil.


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How many peoplel will leave the same kind of mark that he did? Truly an extraordinary first. I don't expect to see the same in my lifetime. RIP Neil A


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RIP. For me one of the few genuinely inspirational people in this world - how many of us wanted to be him when we were children?


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RIP Neil, a gentleman, a humanitarian, an inspiration and a legend.

Gutted on a personal level as I was named Neil after him by my parents. When I was young this was the reason I was so interested in space and astronomy, to the extent that if someone was to ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always replied, "an astronaut".


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RIP Neil Armstrong you helped pushed humanity further
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Great man and a big inspiration to me. RIP Neil, taking the biggest step of all - back to the stars.

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