Rip music from a DVD?


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I have a Xbox 360 game that has a 2nd disc which is a regular DVD including a making video as well as the audio soundtrack - I'd like to rip this soundtrack to play on an ipod but I can't figure out how.

The DVD does not appear to have any audio files on it anywhere that I can see - only 2 folder, the first is "AUDIO_TS" which appears to be empty and a 2nd folder labeled "VIDEO_TS" which contains all the .VOB files etc.

Any advice on how to get at the soundtracks audio files? or can I use something within Win7 to record it as it plays?

:confused: help please...
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The audio and video will be combined in the vob files. You'll need to split it. Try having a search over on, you should be able to find something there (e.g. Mod Comment: URL removed as it contains a link to software not allowed on this forum).
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