Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Review


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I have a Ring doorbell Pro and 2 x Ring Floodlight cams which I do like with a couple of caveats

1. as you have identified if you snooze motion feature is not universal and is only applicable to the device you do it on
so unfortunately I still get notifications on my Android tablet, 2 x Echos Dots, Echo Show and Echo Spot

2. Although in a sense it is a good thing but if you snooze motion on any ring device it still records when motion is detected
the problem with that is when you are working in the zone area you end up with dozens of useless 1 min 5 sec video clips
they really need to add a way of disabling recording completely
unfortunately because of this and the easiest option is that I end up turning off the power to the cameras but if you forget that when you leave home it defeats the whole purpose
I did raise this with Ring and asked for them to implement a easily access-able enable disable button but got nowhere
Tip: as a work around if you dive deep into the settings you can turn off the motion zone and get no alerts and no recording this can be re-enabled when you leave home

3. With deliveries at your door the latency between getting a notification and a connection invariable means the person is gone by the time it connects
in any case the audio is terrible so trying to hold a conversation is a hit or miss

4. you definitely need a subscription
5. you almost definitely need a Ring Chime Pro to get a strong enough WiFi signal

I have a Orbi RB 40 and RW 30 satellite mesh system and still needed extenders

Just my user experience with Ring devices
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I've got both the Ring 2 Doorbell and Ring StickUp Cam Battery (Back garden), i've got solar powered motion lights around the rear and side of house. So didnt need the floodlight version.

I've got a large 4 bedroom detached property and had no issues with wifi signal or requiring an extender, although i do have a Linksys WRT32x router in my lounge (Back of house).

Also you don't need the Ring chime. I've got an Echo Show 5 in Kitchen, Echo Dot in living room, Echo dot in upstairs home office and Amazon Echo in bedroom. With Alexa skills they all go off instantly when someone rings the doorbell "Someone is at the front door" etc.

Connection wise, i've heard about issues from others but for me personally when someone approaches the door i get a chime for motion immediately. Then my phone rings as soon as someone hits the doorbell and it's 2-3 seconds before i'm able to see them on video after clicking the notification. Been very handy with instructing couriers to leave stuff in a safe place.

Overall, chuffed. Easy to install and great bit of kit.
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I installed a Ring Spotlight cam and a Rind doorbell pro last week, both wired versions as I did not want to bother with battery's and the recording is a bit better (quicker and duration wise). Really good investment and the app is a joy to handle. Recommended. I have WiFi through a tp-link deco M9 WiFi mesh system and the range is really good. No problems there.


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Is this the camera you need on a heist?


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Bit disappointed that you only seem interested in reviewing Ring products in your tech reviews, in my opinion Nest and Arlo both offer better alternatives, I assume it is only Ring who are willing to send you their products for review?

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