Ring Chime Pro 2 - hardwired ?

Hi there.
I'm considering the purchase of a "Ring Wired" doorbell along with the Chime Pro 2.
I understand that the Ring Wired doorbell will not work with your existing old chime so you need to buy the Ring Chime which plugs into an A/C outlet.
My dilemma is that now I have a hole in the wall with wires hanging out from where the old chime used to be. Sure, I could just leave the old chime in place but I don't really want to. I also don't want to have to shove the wires into the hole and plaster over it, then paint that section of wall. What I WOULD like is to put the Ring Chime on the wall where the old chime was but of course there's no A/C outlet there, just the transformer and doorbell wires.
The only way I can see doing this is to get inside the Ring Chime and bypass the internal A/C transformer then connect the doorbell transformer wires (already stepped down A/C) to the rectifier which will come out the other end as DC, which is what the Ring Chime electronics would be running off.
Has anyone done anything like this or does anyone know where I might get a schematic for the Ring Chime Pro 2 ?

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Ours works fine with the old chime. We just removed the old and placed the Ring doorbell device in its place. No issues

Did you read my post thoroughly ?
Is your doorbell is a "Ring Wired" or other Ring model ? It makes a difference as some models WILL work with old doorbells but the Ring Wired will not. If you managed to get a Ring Wired doorbell to play with your old chime then please elaborate how.
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Hi, I have had a Ring doorbell 2nd generation for 15 months, first 3 months running on battery, however I decided to hardwire it with a recommended plugin transformer from Amazon and this worked great for 14 months, then suddenly i had notifications telling me the battery was running low, checked that the power was still on, checked fuse and even had an electrician friend to double check, he confimed the transformer was no longer working. I ordered a new one and stll had the same issue, the doorbell was not registering as hardwired. Called Ring support, after 3 hours on the phone they could not sort problem, although as I was taking to them they just had a report of someone else with the same issue, they had concluded that the doorbell was faulty but to try a ring power supply and said they would send me a new plugin 24v transformer (genuine) ring product, it arrived plugged it in and the problem still persists. called them, emailed them no reply yet.

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