Rim of the World (Netflix)


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Looks ok. Not bad but not great.

Netflix exclusive so feel like i can give it 6 already :D

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Anyone seen this yet? It looks ok from the Netflix preview, but has a terrible rating on IMDb.


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I’ll wait for feedback here first as some reviews are dire.


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The kids make this an entertaining film with fun pop culture references, it's very character driven. The Afro American kid Dariush is funny :D. The effects are not top tier, and they don't need to be. they are serviceable to the plot, a bit drawn out in the third act.

Fame did not go to their heads :laugh:



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Not quite as good as i'd rate it. Maybe a 6 at best but way below kids movies like Super 8 (which i'd love a 4K release of now thinking about it:D)


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It was a good fun light movie with a Goonies/Independance Day vibe about it. Not anything near as good as those but worth a watch.

6/10 is a good reference for what this movie is like. As said already effects are pretty ropey.



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I know a few of you had an ok time with this, but it didn't work for me on any level I'm afraid. Very iffy acting from the lead kids, not to mention a chemistry vacuum, and nothing like the level on display in Stranger Things. Nothing gelled for me, not the poor creature design, naff effects, and laughable journey the characters were on. And don't even get me started on the ENORMOUS Jurassic Park rip off on the kitchen!
Netflix at it's most bargain basement, but easy to comprehend when you consider McG also brought us Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle.
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