Right wingers Ticked off about Bush nominee


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I'm no expert on the american justice system, so that aside, seems this issue is one of many that have culminated in Bush's approval rating plumetting

= don't bet on him invading anyone else anytime soon. Even he wouldn't dare in the current climate?

Ed Selley

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Anyone with an interest in the US justice system, irrespective of political persuasion should be alarmed at the selection of Harriet Myers. An absolute non entity with little practical experience and no history of previous cutting edge legal brilliance, she represents cronyism at its worst.


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I agree with Tons of Fun, Bush certainly knows how to stack a deck, but this was a the ultimate joker card.

Back home our own Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw (his speech saved from obscurity at the Labour Conference by an 82 year old gent) is due to visit the US to boost the presidential prospects of "Condi" Rice (you couldn't make this up).

Apparently one of the tasks our intrepid hand shaker is to perform is to help "Condi" toss a coin at a football match.

As toss 'ers go, our Jack is up there with the best of them.


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I've just heard on the News that Harriet Myers has withdrawn.

Ed Selley

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:) The good burghers of the world with an IQ above room temperature breath a sigh of collective relief.


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Damn....if only Bush would follow her as well

Ed Selley

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Bush can't do another term- people would have faced the prospect of anything up to 30+ years of Myers ineptitude as the nominations are open ended. The judges are arguably as important as the presidency in terms of the stable political view of the US. John Roberts was a good call but Myers was rubbish.


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The judges are arguably as important as the presidency in terms of the stable political view of the US.
Good point Tons. The judges can rule govt behaviour as 'unconstitutional' and act as a break on what the senate and the house passes. If the judges do rule an amendment as such, it has to go back through the houses again and past the Pres. He's (there's been no 'she's') not often willing to do that (even FDR backed away from doing so). The Supreme court also finally rules on challenges from the states to federal law, so again their quality has to be good to assess the national as opposed to local interest.

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