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I recently took up the recommend a friend offer with a forum member to get free sky+. It was duly installed but we immediately ran into problems with a neighbour re: our dish and were advised by the council that we would need planning for it due to the area we live in. Fair enough, we should have checked this first.

So we decided it was not worth the hassle and I checked the contract which says you may cancel within 30 days. I had paid the £30 install and emailed within a couple weeks to cancel, got the reply and had the box de-installed all within 30 days of the first letter.

I did get some letters saying we owed them this that and the other and a quick call to Sky confirmed that we had cancelled in time and there is nothing to pay.

Now, guess what? Another letter saying we have not made our 'final payment' of £34 and we have cancelled our DD so can we call them to make this payment ASAP?

I can't find a good set of t+c's on the web and the installer took all the letters and stuff with him as I'd left it all in the box (another mistake). So, I have no idea what this is about.

Are they charging me for the first month, even though we cancelled and can they do this? Or, are they being typically scummy sky and trying to pull a fast one, hoping I'll cough up or call their 0870 number one more time?

The last time we had sky we vowed never again and I wish I had remembered that more clearly this time.

It's possible this is a legit request and one which I signed up to but I can't find t+c's any where which mention this £34 charge. I signed up to a £18 a month package by the way.


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It sounds to me like Sky are charging you an Installation fee - something that is usually waived when you take on a 12 month contract.
As however you didn't and as it was not Sky's fault then they are probably now charging you for install.

Just call them up and ask them what the charge is for - if they can't justify it then you won't have it to pay.

Oh and I love the way you're calling them "scummy" and other names when the whole reason you haven't got Sky right now is because of your lack of research before signing up for the service.
Not really fair having a go at them when its not their fault.


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When you cancel, whether it be in the first 30 days or when you're outside the contract, you do so by giving 30 days notice. Therefore Sky have charged you up until that period ends, which will include your first months subscription and any remainder up to the end of the notice period, hence the £34.
Stoofa, the comment was based on my previous dealings with them which ended in a nightmare where they kept charging my account for 3 months and wouldn't give the money back for about a year until we got trading standards involved.

I fully accept it was a oversight to not realize we would need planning. Truth be told, I remembered Sky+ to be excellent from aout 3 years ago and was disappointed on re-acquaintance. We had the box in the rack for a week or so and still used our freeview PVR as the guide is so much better. We also had a lot of ghosting, no doubt a poor install and not Sky's fault.

Neil, that may explain it, I'm just looking for justification. I have emailed sky and they have not responded. If it's a genuine charge that I signed up to then I'll happily pay it. I was however told on the phone that the contract was canceled within the 'cooling off period' and there was nothing more to pay. I have already paid the £30 install fee which is fair enough, that was my fault that I lost that.


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I have already paid the £30 install fee which is fair enough, that was my fault that I lost that.

Sky always used to charge £60 installation so it sounds like you got it at a discounted rate which you do not qualify for as you are not maintaining your subscription for a year.

Hence they would charge you an extra £30 for the install and the remaining £4 sounds about right for the period of time you were receiving their service, about a week.
I guess that's possible. I think under DSR they are obliged to allow a cooling off period by law which they stated was 30 days. I can't see how they can charge for any service after the cancellation date as the notice requirement would not be in place by then. If it's part of the install then fair enough. I just want them to tell me what it's for but they won't.


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Although running through the order sky bit on the website, you get charged £30 for standard setup when you order Sky+ at full cost £99 with the same mix as I had so it can't be that.

You didn't order it at full cost though did you? Didn't you get it free?

On my recent (although aborted) sky hd install I had £60 worth of installation charges on my account minus two lots of £30 discounts, this was even though the original installation price was quoted at £30.

I think that £30 figure is already discounted from the standard installation cost although being sky they don't make it too clear.
Another nasty letter demanding payment with no explanation and then an email reply after a god few days saying it was payment for the amount of time I had sky. OK, so £18 a month and I had it for about 10 days equals £34.20?

Replied by email stating I was going to Trading Standards and quoting Distance Selling Regulations and got one back within 12 hours.

Thank you for your email regarding credit to your billing account.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for bringing your experiences to our attention and apologise for your inconvenience.

I can confirm that I have applied a deinstallation/cancellation credit to your Sky account for the amount of 34.20 (GBP).

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above address.

So, do they just try this on with people hoping that a good number will just pay up? Surely not? Scummy? I stand by that comment.
Another letter today demanding £183.20 as full payment for a year's sub. They have also charged my credit card for this amount before I could stop them. Another 0870 call and I am assured the card will be refunded ASAP and there is indeed 'nothing to pay and the account is canceled'. We'll see.

I will never, ever have anything to do with Sky ever again and make a point of relating this sorry tale of ignorance and theft to as many people as I can.

Why does it always have to be this way?

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