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I'm looking for some information from anyone who has brought there council house in the not so distant past.

We are thinking of buying our 1st floor maisonette, obviously it would be leasehold, and I believe that we would get a discount but have no idea how much, been living here for 5yrs.

I'm reluctant to investigate with the council at the moment as I know that once you apply for your right to buy they stop carrying out repairs unless absolutely required.

When they value a property is it in line with privately owned properties or are they slightly less.

I can't find any properties for sale in my area that look like ours does to compare them.

This is our house, we have the drive at the front and the front door is ours only, the downstairs flat has its own parking and front door at the right side.
We have our own back garden too.


So I'm just after any helpful info on buying a leasehold council property really, do's dont's etc




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1st floor max discount is 48% unsure on yours for five years as that's the minimum.

Easiest way & doesn't cost, get them around to quote you.

If no rush to buy, wait longer then get a larger discount, especially with the trouble next year will bring.

I bought mine in Aug 06' can now sell it bit will keep it indefinitely.



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I have a handbook from my council i should imagine they will be mostly the same, so i will look and let you know what it is for here for you in a couple.


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Right you have to tell them you want to buy it, if your tenancy started before 18th January 2005 you need to have only been in the property for 2 years, if after 18 January 2005 you need to have been in it for 5 years.

Dependent on years as a tenant
Basic discount for Flats or maisonettes after 2 years is 44% rising 2% for each complete year up to a limit of 70%

Limits on discount
The maximum discount in the north west of England is £26,000 your discount cannot be greater than £26,000 whatever percentage of discount you are eligible for.

The council will value your property and send you an offer, if you feel that this is too high you can get an independent valuation from the district valuer
this must be done within 3 months of the councils valuation offer.
The districts valuers assessment is final even if this is higher than the councils offer.

You need to tell them you want to go ahead, they will contact your solicitors and your solicitor will arrange a date for you to complete the purchase.

Was there anything else?
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Thanks for the info I guess some/most of that will be the same as my council down here in the south.

Is yours a lease hold property? If so was the lease length renewed to 99yrs?


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No the council own the land (ours is a house) and if you buy it the land is yours, it says nothing for flats though mate, but my gf is a legal sec and says you will more than likely get a 99 year lease but you will need to check when applying.

You cant sell if within the 1st 5 years or will have to pay some of the discount back.

If the right to buy was after 18 January 2005 see below which it will be.

If in 1st year all the discount, 2nd year 4/5 of the discount, 3rd year 3/5 of the discount, 4th year 2/5 of the discount, 5th year 1/5 of the discount.

I'm off to cook tea :).


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Thanks for all you help there, guess I'm only really going to know for sure by calling the council and going from there.

Thanks again


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Our family has just put up the cash to buy our mums 3 bed council house in east London the property was valued back in April 2013 with what had been sold in the same road.
Council came back with valuation of 220'000 we paid 120,000 with discount process was very slow as large demand in RTB in area


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Yeah, the discount is really dependent on the council. It maxes out at £75k where I am so really worth checking with your council. You can still inquire about buying the property, its only once you fill their form in confirming that you want to apply to buy that they then stop doing repairs.
I'm currently in the process of buying mine (although that is housing association rather than council) and the whole process has been really quick so far. Inquired about a month a go and we have just had our offer posted out to us.


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I bought my house back in the 70/80's when the scheme was first announced, the best thing I ever did as after a few years my repayments were less than my neighbours rent. Money spent on maintenance has been reasonable and I've no regrets at all. If you can afford it, go for it.

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