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Right then, this 7.1 malarky - is it worth it?


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Having recently (at long bloomin last) wired up our centre rear speaker into our set up - see sig - turning a 5.1 into a 6.1, I can tell you it was definitely worth it!!

But, I didn't have to buy any more kit......we'd already had the receiver for some time, and the speaker (which used to do the centre channel when the 601 S2's were up front) was waiting in it's box......

As for the discs, you're right, most are 5.1, but you can still adjust the centre rear - or at least we can with our receiver.....which does make an improvement......widens the rear effects/soundstage.....to my ears anyway....

A couple of nights ago we watched "X3 - the Last Stand" which is the first one I've watched/heard mixed in 6.1 DTS ES and I must admit to being blown away - the soundtrack, soundstage, and effects were stunning, especially at volume.......

There are others though, and I need to watch them again - the main ones that spring to mind are the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings, also in DTS ES I believe......

But ultimately it's up to you (obviously) - but, would you need to spend more cash on new speakers......???
Can your amp/receiver do 7.1 in the first place (I'm not familiar with your model)....???

I know we won't be going up to 7.1, even though our receiver could do it, mainly due to the space in our Den, but also because I'm happy with what we have and don't think the gains would be worth it.........but each to their own.......

Hope this helps.



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I had a 7.1 setup via my Sony 5200es amp until very recently, I felt after much consternation that the room was not really big enough to do it justice.Also the few discs with DTS-ES 6.1 that I have, seem to hardly make use of the extra channels anyway.I opted instead to use the spare channels to bi-amp my front speakers, as I also use the system for 2 channel and multichannel music, the results from this are stunning!! Once proper 7.1 blu-ray discs become available I may change back but until then I am quite happy with 5.1 and a much improved music performance.

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IMHO a well set up system of 7.1 is noticeably better than 5.1 because I feel it better places the rear soundstage even with 5.1 material (the amp fills generates the 6 or 7 channels). I also have experienced the benefits of biamping, so have gone down the route of both! I am delighted with my set up! Give it a go!


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I had my system setup for 5.1 for a long time and was very happy with it.

Then one day I decided to play around a bit, and use some old cheap PC speakers to give the 7.1 setup. I was totally impressed with the difference.

After playing around with the settings, I am now thrilled to be using a 7.1 setup. Well worth trying.:thumbsup:

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