Right Panny model ?


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Aug 16, 2001
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Which of the Panny machines has:

1/ 40GB + HDD
2/ HDMI out
3/ No freeview receiver

Had a qick scan on here but most seem to want the integral receiver (EX75 ?) which I not too @rsed about.
OK I'll slightly re-word this and bump it similtaneously.

Mate is looking for a DVD-R and reading on here Pannys seem to be the tool of choice.

He has no need of freeview, but does want HDD, though not necessarily huge. 40GB + would be ample.

HDMI..... he does intend to upgrade to HD cable as and when available and purchase a plasma. Would HDMI be important in this scenario even though I appreciate he would be unbale to record HD with a budget(ish) machine.

Not being a tech-head, ease of use/set-up is important.

Budget £150-200.

Is Panny the only/best option and if so which model as none on their web-site seem to fit the bill ?

Nobody ?

(read more now..... forget HDMI)

Just HDD and no freeview.
If he was looking a few months ago, they did one then. The new range came out in June / July and they all have Freeview tuners now.

Richer sounds still have stock of the older models.

I suggest you take a look at the DMREH50, which has no Freeview and a 80GB HDD.

Richer Sounds DMREH50

Hope that is of some use.

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