Right DVD recorder for an older couple


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I'm looking for a DVD, possible with HDD, for an older couple who want it to be as simple to use as possible.

They've already bought a Panasonic EZ27 but this onlt has freeview and they use freesat and terrestrial as freeview is unavailable. Comet will take it back but with a charge as they chucked out the packaging and when asked 'did they have freeview' they said yes refering to the freesat.

Almost all the recordings will be for their use on that system so I think a hard disk would be better. I've have read that generally Sony and Philips are often the easiest to use, I know my panasonic es10 can be fiddly until your used to it.

My view was probably something like a Sony 870 (or 970 if they can get a good deal) would suit and give them future proofing for when they get a flat screen and the digital switchover. Can't see many philips out there at the moment.

My big concerns are the ease of use (post setup as I'll do that) and the rumour of bugs in the Sony 870/970s.

Any advice/views?



Yes ... I strongly recommend going for one which includes a hard disk.
They are much simpler and more reliable to operate than DVD only recorders.

Ease of use is a difficult area and opinion is evidently divided about it.
I suggest you don't exclude Panasonic recorders from your options as they made a deal of investment in trying to make the current generation as easy to use as possible... and I would say they succeeded - especially with the Hard disk recorders [ EX77 / EX87 ]

My Father is 85 and uses the predecessor of the EX87 - the EX85, with no problems at all.


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I bought an 870 about two weeks ago for £250.

It is very easy to use. Almost exactly like the Pioneer models. It has a 160g HD and Digital and Analogue tuners. It really is a great machine, but I think (not sure though!) that the Panasonics produce a SLIGHTLY better recorded image at SP. The only problems there seem to be are when using the timer for multiple recordings, but I haven't tried that.

I will consider selling it if I am made a reasonable offer, to then buy Panasonic. (I know. Some people are never satisfied, Hehe!)


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well i've just bought my non techie OAP folks a Toshiba Video/DVD recorder (DVR17KTB) .

130 quid from play.com, they find it easy to use and me mum loves it as most of the buttons are on the unit itself (she hates remotes).

I was gonna get the one with HDD but i didn't think it was worth it. That's my recommendation. :)


I am one half of an "older couple" in my seventies and have a panasonic EX75, it a great machine and dead easy to use go for the panny you wont regret it:smashin:


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i would have thought a hdd/recorder would just complicate things .i would just go for a standard recorder as you could just use the discs as tapes and it would be a lot simpler for them to take on as the disc is a direct replacement for a tape.just my opinion.


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It's probably true that the (un)learning curve - i.e. unlearning the limitations of tape - would be greater with a HDD machine. But in the long run, PVR-style working is much, much easier to use than low-capacity removable media.


i would have thought a hdd/recorder would just complicate things .
Experience shows that all who try it tend to think the opposite.

Use really is considerably easier with a hard disk. One does not have to give a thought to media at all in everyday timeshifting.

Plus a hard disk makes many other things possible that cannot be done with a removable media only machine.

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